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Our mortgage industry blog, MGIC Connects, is where experts share their insights beyond private mortgage insurance to help readers learn about mortgage finance, housing trends, real estate news and social media in the mortgage industry.

What is the Role of the FHA? – Part 2

Our country’s approach to housing policy has become severely disjointed — to the point some would label as dysfunctional. It certainly makes no sense to me or to many people I speak with. Here’s my response to the recent FHA price cut.

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Best Mortgage Blog Content From the Past Year

Our mortgage blog, MGIC Connects, has grown dramatically since launch in 2014. At the core of MGIC Connects is our goal to provide thought-leadership to those in the mortgage industry. Each year I like to look back at what was popular in the mortgage industry as it relates to our blog, and highlight the best content we produced.

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US Economy Shows Slow, Steady Progress

As reported in MGIC’s Market Trend Analysis Report, the US economy grew at a somewhat slower rate over the first 2 quarters of the year. This slower rate of growth was partially attributed to a few key events from the year.

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Why It’s Okay to Have Student Loan Debt

Start with the fact that student loan debt is not like credit card debt. Debt, regardless of the type, is essentially borrowing from your future self. But student loan debt is also an investment in your future. Simply put, you will be more employable and earn more with a college degree.

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