Curious about what the No. 1 page on MGIC Connects was in 2015? Or which post was shared the most on social media? Maybe you want to see which mortgage infographic outshined all the others. We’ve tallied the numbers and gathered the posts that did the best in 2015 on one of the leading mortgage industry blogs out there, MGIC Connects.

What a year it has been! Traffic to MGIC Connects grew by more than 500% in 2015. It’s been fun for us to craft posts that are inspired by topics we find important to the mortgage industry. This post is dedicated to highlighting some of those most-popular top posts from the past year.

Top Page on MGIC Connects

I often wonder which page, besides a blog’s homepage, gets the most amount of traffic. Luckily I have access to such information and can let you know MGIC Connects’ most-viewed page in 2015 was our mortgage infographics page. Chock-full of impressive stats, valuable information and key insights — and topped off with an offer for lenders to co-brand — this page edged out all others for the top spot this past year.


Most Viewed Mortgage Infographic

I thought it might be fun to take a look at all of our mortgage infographics and find out which one was the most-viewed in 2015. In our library of mortgage infographics, we speak on a variety of topics that help our customers better understand the mortgage industry. I was quite surprised to find that the most-viewed mortgage infographic on MGIC Connects in 2015 was our infographic titled 7 Useful Facts About Renters. It appears in 2015 many of our customers were interested in expanding their business opportunities to renters — smart thinking! 🙂


Most Shared Mortgage Infographic

What about shares of a specific mortgage infographic from MGIC Connects? In today’s digital world, it is imperative to know which articles or other content is being shared most frequently. Shared content is a great indicator of success. It shows visitors to your site have found enough value in what has been published that they feel the need to share it with their audience. I suppose it only makes sense then, that the most-shared mortgage infographic of 2015 was our Millennials and Homeownership infographic.


Most Shared Blog Post

First and foremost, MGIC Connects is a mortgage industry blog. So let’s take a closer look at which specific blog post garnered the most shares in 2015. It seems quite timely that this blog post should rise to the top, given the positive recent announcement that mortgage insurance tax deductibility will again be offered to homeowners. As you may have guessed, the most-shared blog post from MGIC Connects in 2015 was a post titled Millions Benefit From Mortgage Insurance Tax Deductibility. It’s a great read that highlights the value of owning a home and the benefit of deducting mortgage insurance on your taxes.


Top 10 Viewed Blog Posts

Last, I wanted to highlight exactly which posts of 2015, in fact, ranked the highest in views. It’s interesting to note that the most shared blog post, did not make the top 10 cut (it came in at #11). I think that speaks volumes to the quality of the content found in the above post about mortgage insurance tax deductibility. Those of you familiar with the mortgage industry (and the changes around TRID) will not be surprised by the No. 1 (and No. 2) spot for most views this past year. The top 10 mortgage blog posts of 2015 are as follows.

  1. Will Your Approach to Pre-approvals be Approved?
  2. Is the Mortgage Industry Really Ready for TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID)?
  3. Social Media Secrets for the Savvy Loan Officer
  4. Apps for Increasing Mortgage Business
  5. Comparing FHA’s New Premiums and Private Mortgage Insurance
  6. Here’s How Loan Officers are Winning More Business
  7. 5 Great Ways to Annoy Your LinkedIn Connections
  8. Do You Know Your Mortgage Fraud Red Flags?
  9. 6 Basics Your Borrowers Should Know About Credit Scores
  10. Education as a Lead Generator

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Ben Smidt, MA

Ben Smidt - Former MGIC Digital Strategy Manager

Ben Smidt served as MGIC’s Digital Strategy Manager. He led corporate development and management of MGIC's digital marketing strategy across the enterprise. This included establishing a clear vision for all digital marketing initiatives and providing strategic direction for the company's digital and social media marketing efforts. His primary goal is to increase brand awareness and improve user experience (UX). Additional responsibilities included PPC budget strategy and management of ad spend.

In addition to the insurance industry, Ben has a combined 10 years of experience in computer software, education and publishing industries. His focus has always remained in the area of education and digital marketing for media and technology.

He holds an MA from Marquette University in media channel effectiveness and digital communications, as well as a BS from UW-Madison focused in communications. He resides with his wife, daughter and son in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

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