What year would be complete without a look back at our most popular mortgage articles? It’s an effective way to learn what resonated with readers, what didn’t, and how to improve based on what we learn.

In 2016, we curated our content and reduced production to focus on quality instead of quantity. This past year we continued that strategy and published fewer articles, yet saw time spent on the site increase by 22%, with a 63% increase in unique visitors. What does that tell us? Relevant topics, written by trusted and credible sources, with actionable suggestions for how to leverage what you read for your business, will draw readership. Also, a pattern emerged: tried and true topics related to basic consumer education continue to be of interest to MGIC Connects readers. Here are our most popular mortgage articles of 2017.

Most Popular Mortgage Article

By a landslide, the most popular mortgage article of 2017 was Waiting to Save a 20% Down Payment Can Cost Homebuyers Money. Saving for a down payment is daunting and most homebuyers don’t know what the trade-offs can be if they wait to save, or buy with less than 20% down. Many don’t even know that they can buy with less than 20% down.

We reference our Buy Now vs. Wait calculator in this article to provide another tool that industry pros can use with their clients as they embark on the home buying journey. Seeing the different financial options – and their impact – can be an eye-opening experience.

Most Shared Mortgage Article

Waiting to Save a 20% Down Payment Can Cost Homebuyers Money was also the most shared article of 2017. Clearly, this topic resonates with mortgage and real estate professionals. The practical example of the money comparisons between continuing to rent while saving for a higher down payment, compared to making a smaller one and purchasing a home sooner, is a relatable and tangible illustration of how a purchaser’s money is best used for their longer term financial security and benefit.

Saving for a down payment is one of the most common hurdles to purchasing a home, but there’s a solution. This article demystifies common misperceptions and can help loan officers educate their customers, which explains why it’s been shared more than 1,500 times.

Most Viewed Infographic

This year, the most viewed infographic was Tax Fraud Facts. In 2017, several major websites containing personal information were compromised and put consumers at risk for identity theft, including the risk of a fraudster filing a tax return and claiming a consumer’s refund. As illustrated in this infographic, the IRS paid out more than $5.8 billion in fraudulent tax refunds in 2013 alone, money that homeowners could use for maintenance, repairs, or towards purchasing a new home.

Protecting one’s identity in the digital age is paramount to maintaining a clean credit history, which can help secure a competitive mortgage rate. This infographic is a resource loan officers can share with their customers to review the impact of identity theft and how it can happen, and lead into a greater conversation about credit scores and credit history.

Most Discussed Article

New this year, I wanted to call out the article which generated the most discussion: Mortgage Industry to Change URLA 1003 in 2018 by David Luna. Given that significant changes to the 20-year-old form are now rolling out, it’s no surprise those in the loan and mortgage industry would have many opinions and thoughts on this topic.

Not only has there been conversation on how, and what, demographic information is reported because of the 48 new data points in the URLA, but strong opinions on whether the new, longer form is indeed more user-friendly for the public. Discussion, debate and sharing of experiences are what we strive for with MGIC Connects. Check it out and join the conversation.

Top 5 Articles

Lastly, I’d like to share the remaining most popular mortgage articles of the year based on readership:

  1. Mortgage Fraud is Rising – Here’s What You Need to Know
  2. 5 Secrets of Customer Experience Success in the Mortgage Industry
  3. Top Mortgage Industry Blogs You Need to be Reading Right Now
  4. Three Reasons Why Loan Officers Should Work with Financial Advisors
  5. 2017 Mortgage Bankers Association Convention Recap

This list of most popular mortgage articles includes diverse topics, from ongoing career education to customer education and industry news. All are critical facets to staying on top of your game and are representative of why we create and share a wide variety of topics relevant to mortgage professionals. We know you value these subjects.

As we embark on the new year, we remain committed to creating quality content for you. I encourage you to subscribe and receive updates as new mortgage articles or infographics are published. If you haven’t already, you can find us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube, to join in mortgage conversation with us. Thanks for helping to make 2017 a success for MGIC Connects.  We look forward to publishing more high-quality content throughout the coming year.

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