It’s no secret – the mortgage loan origination process is increasingly becoming paperless, but there’s another trend that’s just as significant as becoming paperless: interconnectivity.

What is interconnectivity? I describe it as having the ultimate goal of all Loan Origination Systems (LOSs), Product and Pricing Engines (PPEs), document delivery systems, mobile apps, etc., offering the ability to do business in a seamless, uninterrupted way. Interconnectivity is driven by the industry’s need for automation, and we’re moving right along with it. It’s a long road ahead, and we’re already buckled in and speeding towards this goal.

Our recent integration with Optimal Blue – a leading PPE – demonstrates our commitment to this trend. You now have seamless access to MGIC’s transparent and competitive mortgage insurance rates without ever having to leave the platform. Getting connected instantly to actual MGIC mortgage insurance rate quotes, not mere estimates, allows you to streamline your loan origination process while satisfying compliance needs and borrower expectations at the same time.

This isn’t the end of our integration efforts with Optimal Blue; it’s only the beginning. Our goal is to continue to integrate in ways that are meaningful to you, so we’re constantly assessing our current strategies and planning for enhanced or new connections. It’s all about making it easier for you to do business with us – it’s all about interconnectivity!

How do you use Optimal Blue? Do you have an idea of how we can connect better? Share with us!

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