Our mortgage blog, MGIC Connects, has grown dramatically since launch in 2014. At the core of MGIC Connects is our goal to provide thought-leadership to those in the mortgage industry. Each year I like to look back at what was popular in the mortgage industry as it relates to our blog, and highlight the best content we produced.

In 2016, MGIC made a concerted effort to reduce the volume of blog posts we were creating, so we could focus more on the quality of the content. After looking at the traffic numbers from 2016 it is apparent, as many know, it’s quality content that is king in a content marketing world. Traffic still increased 60%, even though we reduced production of our posts by 75%. This meant we were asking less time of our thought-leaders, and utilizing fewer company resources, to achieve success. Creating cost and time savings, while still seeing significant results, is always a good thing.

Top Page on Our Mortgage Blog

Discovering and understanding what pages on your website are most popular can help define how you proceed, or what is working for you. Each year I take a look at which page, aside from the homepage, receives the most amount of traffic. Last year it was our mortgage infographics page, however this year it was our social page. It’s no secret social media is very important to MGIC. We have a leading Klout Score of 78 and a highly engaged audience on the social platforms we feel are of most value. Our Klout score illustrates that it is not always about the number of followers you have on social media, but rather the quality of the ones who do follow you that truly matters. If you haven’t already, you can find us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube, to join in mortgage conversation with us.

Most-Viewed Mortgage Blog Post

In 2016 we consciously decided to seek out and collaborate with others in the industry. This was done for a number of reasons, but most importantly, to team with other great thought-leaders in and around the mortgage industry. One of the first we worked with in 2016 was Bill Gassett, a real estate pro from Massachusetts. We all know the value that referral partners can be to loan officers. With this in mind, Bill wrote a blog post from the real estate agent’s perspective on how loan officers can work better with real estate agents. Much to our joy his post, 4 Ways a Loan Officer Can Work Better with Real Estate Agents was our top post in 2016.

Most-Viewed Mortgage Infographic

It’s no accident that our most-viewed mortgage infographic of 2016 was related to credit score. Often times when I speak about how to build a social media strategy, I discuss the value in diving deep into analytics before taking any other action. This is exactly what we did once we decided to make infographics a content-creation priority. Being a proponent of minimal time, maximum value, I wanted to know where our team’s efforts were best spent.

By looking at analytics for MGIC.com, and segmenting that traffic based on age (think Millennials here), we were able to reveal that a good chunk of our daily traffic is interested in training and education, specifically around the topic of credit score. And knowing it would be most valuable to provide a mortgage infographic to loan officers who could use it with their customers, we tailored the content accordingly. This is what led us to create the mortgage infographic that got the most views in 2016, Breaking Down Your Credit Score.

Most-Shared Mortgage Blog Post

As mentioned earlier, our collaboration with Bill Gassett netted quite a few views, and as a result was the most-shared blog post. However, what I found more interesting was our recently written blog post about student loan debt, which received the second most shares. We know this topic, understandably, always seems to do well. But I was surprised at the rate in which this post has become popular. It’s an informative read titled, Why It’s OK to Have Student Loan Debt.

Most-Shared Mortgage Infographic

The most-shared mortgage infographic in 2016 was, again unsurprisingly, our credit score infographic. But what really caught my attention is the speed at which the next most popular mortgage infographic became popular. We just published 7 Essential Home-buying Facts in Q4 of 2016, but it has already netted close to 600 shares from our blog. I predict it will overtake our credit score mortgage infographic by Q2 of 2017.

Top 5 Mortgage Blog Posts

Finally, I’d like to highlight 5 additional blog posts that were popular in 2016. This list provides a nice snapshot of what was most valuable to our readers over the course of the year. It also illustrates the importance of striking a balance between publishing timely content and timeless (evergreen) content. Securing this balance allows us to be able to effectively cross promote our owned content from one digital channel to another.

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  2. Private Mortgage Insurance and GSE Risk Sharing Transactions
  3. 4 Ways to Use Facebook Live Videos for Business
  4. Time to Think Differently About Affordable Lending Products
  5. What is the Role of the FHA?

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Ben Smidt, MA

Ben Smidt - Former MGIC Digital Strategy Manager

Ben Smidt served as MGIC’s Digital Strategy Manager. He led corporate development and management of MGIC's digital marketing strategy across the enterprise. This included establishing a clear vision for all digital marketing initiatives and providing strategic direction for the company's digital and social media marketing efforts. His primary goal is to increase brand awareness and improve user experience (UX). Additional responsibilities included PPC budget strategy and management of ad spend.

In addition to the insurance industry, Ben has a combined 10 years of experience in computer software, education and publishing industries. His focus has always remained in the area of education and digital marketing for media and technology.

He holds an MA from Marquette University in media channel effectiveness and digital communications, as well as a BS from UW-Madison focused in communications. He resides with his wife, daughter and son in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

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